Finding a Niche

One important aspect of starting up an online business is finding a niche. Most beginner would fret when asked to find a niche, mainly because they do not understand how to find a niche for themselves.

When I first learned about online marketing, the word niche is something that is alien to me. Why? Because I was too afraid that I would pick the wrong ones. Now, to start looking for one, I guess we need to understand exactly what is the meaning of the word itself.

Niche is a distinct segment of a market that you want to enter. When I first started, I thought that a niche is something that I want. Instead it refers to a market that your audience want. And do not worry about getting the wrong niche for the first tine, you can always choose a new one later down the road. It is something that you search and expand anf then offer to your target audience.

However, bear in mind that your online business should be taken as your own day job. It should be first and foremost, something that you are comfortable with and fun and enjoyable for you. It should not be something cumbersome and difficult for you. If you enjoy doing it, then you will be more productive and fun for you.

There are some aspects about niches that you need to understand. Most important being that this is a market that you will be writing contents about. The more you understand about your chosen niche, the more you can write about it.

The second aspect about niches is that you are going to communicate with your audience within your chosen niche. Therefore, like in the first aspect, having an intimate knowledge about you niche can help you communicate better with your audience.

And I would like to reitrate this important friendly reminder, your niche is not going to be your last and it can be the path for your online success. There is no such thing as picking a wrong niche for you.

And so, I would encourage you to start looking for your niche and if in any case you get stuck, I will be happy to show a place where you can garner knowledge and experience about finding a niche and starting your online business.

Be positive and remember, there is no such thing as picking the wrong niche.


Wealthy Affiliate 2013 Review

WA Front


Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Owner(s): Kyle and Carson


Price: $0 Starter Account, upgrade available

Overall Ranking: 9.5/10


Introduction and Product Overview

Wealthy Affiliate (WA) is an online community oriented program intended for people in search of opportunities in internet or online business. It was started by Kyle and Carson which both are active online entrepreneurs in 2005.  It is one of the most complete open education program where people can actually join, learn, communicate and be active with many training modules available. So, lets cut to the chase and see what the fuss is all about.


Who is Wealthy Affiliate intended for?WAC AFF

From total stranger with zero online business knowledge to internet gurus alike, WA covers the whole spectrum of people who wants to start or learn about online marketing and business. In a cyberworld that filled with thousands of internet scams targeting you and me alike, Wealthy Affiliate promotes a quality, honest and complete program with pay-it-forward mentality. Wealthy Affiliate caters each individual with zero monthly commitment, or they can choose to upgrade as they like, with no obligation to do so. That means if anyone wants to join with WA’s zero dollar Starter Account, they can continue with their Starter Account forever if they like.


Training and ToolsWA Level 1

Wealthy Affiliate claims to be the industry leader in providing the training, tools and services for people starting their online marketing journey. Even with Starter Account, members will find that the training and tools provided is of class standard. No one is left out in this program. Everyone who joined will start the Level 1 Online Entrepreneur Certification program which will progress further in later stages. The training given in many medium including video tutorials, live sessions and reading materials which is perfect. Within Wealthy Affiliate itself, there is premium webhosting provided to members and members can learn to build websites using WordPress.


SupportWA Forum

No programs can be considered successful if no support provided to its members. Some of the available programs does not have a dedicated support staff to answer our inquiries and solve our problems, making the whole experience somewhat distasteful. Wealthy Affiliate provides dedicated and knowledgable support team with its owners, Kyle and Carson available at all times to answer your questions. The forum within WA itself is alive with thousands of active members with positive attitude towards other members. This means that whatever your questions and problems, you can count on them to provide a solution or suggestion.



Wealthy Affiliate comes with two membership types – Starter and Premium Accounts. For zero dollar, you can register for the Starter Account with no upgrade commitment. You can choose to stay as a Starter Account member for as long as you may wish with no degradation in service. However, during the first week of joining with Starter Account, you are given a sneak peak into the Premium membership program and if you choose to upgrade within the same week, you are given 59% discount for the first month Premium membership.  Premium membership comes with other added benefits such as live training and unlimited web hosting.



Pro and Cons


  • All in one setup for beginners and experts alike.
  • Strong online community.
  • Active participation by the owners.
  • 2 free websites for starters with unlimited and free web hosting.
  • Thousands of hours of training, videos and materials.
  • ZERO dollar Starter Account
  • Spam free environment.


  • Sometimes can get overwhelmed by literally thousands of training material.


Summary and Final Verdict

In general, Wealthy Affiliate is complete product intended to future affiliates by affiliates themselves. With training, tools and support provided, the package itself is hard to resist and should be very beneficial for those starting in the online marketing and business. Personally, over the years of learning and looking for suitable online training program, Wealthy Affiliate come across as one of the most credible and legitimate programs out there and if you are looking of a world class online marketing training program, this is the place to be.


What do you think of the program? Leave your comments below.